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Gary, the IT adventurer

Development is a long journey, and I've started in 2013 as an Android developer. Soon I went over to the iOS platform as well, and now I'm already an expert in mobile apps dev.

I make complete mobile apps all the way from design, develop and publish the apps, so I have a rich experience in managing mobile app projects and a clear understanding in the development process.

  • - Name -
  • Gary Lin
  • - Primary Classes -
  • Developer Lv.Max
  • Otaku Lv.8
  • - Secondary Classes -
  • Photographer Lv.6
  • Chef Lv.6

  • - Race -
  • Human
  • - Equipments -
  • Logitech G602
  • Logitech K270
  • Mini Gaming PC
  • Dell U2312HM
  • Toyota Prius


  • Java
  • Objective-C
  • C#
  • HTML
  • CSS

Skill Set


Level 6

Using Java on Android Studio for a long time.
But recently falled in love with Kotlin as well.


Level Max

I love using Swift and Storyboard with Auto Layout on Xcode, it's clean and easy.


Level 4

Visual Studio is always the best IDE to use. It's stable and have a lot of resources.

Build A Website

Level 5

This website would be a perfect example.
Once you have learnt the tricks, it's very easy to craft your own.


AT+ (AT Plus)



Nagi no Asukara Live Wallpaper

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